Dia Kline grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the daughter of jewelry designer/real estate agent Susan Kline. At the impressive age of 10, Dia won a contest hosted by the University of New Mexico Museum, and her jewelry was displayed in the permanent collection, carrying on a tradition her mother started with her own pieces being on display in various museum collections across the country. 

Being a self-taught painter helped develop Dia’s artistic eye, and a B.A. in Art History from the University of Colorado at Boulder helped her gain an understanding of her craft’s past. Under the tutelage of her father, an art dealer, Dia has learned to develop a critical eye for discovering and authenticating lost works of art. Many of these discoveries have been sold at large auction houses and now reside in museums and in prominent personal collections. 

In 1999 Dia created Lady Luck® Jewelry, Inc. and has turned it into a thriving jewelry company. In 2008, she launched her second company, Publish  Jewelry, a division of Lady Luck® Jewelry. 

In her spare time, Dia has painted and sold many replicas of master works of art and has appeared in several independent films in the Denver area. The honor of having her jewelry in some of the most prestigious museums in our country -The National Gallery, The Smithsonian, National Museum of Women in the Arts, National Archives, and The Holocaust Museum - has been one of the artistic highlights of her career.

Dia currently lives in Niwot, Colorado with her daughter, Astrid, and considers herself one “lucky” girl. 

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