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June 17, 1979
Photographer Diane Arbus 

Hermaphrodite and a dog in a carnival trailer, MD 1970

"Freaks are born with their trauma. They have already passed their test in life. They are aristocrats." Diane Arbus

The hermaphrodite sits in a carnival trailer with a woeful little dog perched on "his" hairy leg. The "her" part, smooth fleshed, is decked out in a sequined bikini with rein for cement provided by false eyelashes, rhinestone jewelry and nail polish. No shame here, just a straightforward mutant.
The image packs a concrete punch: it's contrary and unyielding. Along with 30 equally indelible Diane Arbus photographs, it is on exhibit at the Halsted 831 Gallery, 530 N. Woodward, Birmingham through June 30.
Arbus spent the last ten years of her life-from 1961 to 1971- in what appeared to be zealous pursuit of human traumas.


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