Vintage Press Photos
one of a kind historic photography
"Exploding Champange" 
photo size: 8 1/4" x 10"

October 23, 1933
Egg Harbor, NJ

"And, after the fourth year..."
L.N. Renault of the Renault winery here, is seen inspecting the racks containing bottles of the champagne that the plant produces here. The mask is protecting against exploding bottles. The tremendous pressure generated by the fermenting wine in the bottles sometimes causes the containers to burst when they are disturbed. 
The Renault plant has 1,000,000 bottles of champagne, not to mention a goodly supply of other wines and cider in its store houses and this they expect to distribute within sixty days after prohibition repeal becomes legal fact. The making of champagne is a four year process, the juice of the grape is first stored in casks for awhile, after which it is bottled and placed on racks, neck down to allow the sediment to settle there. Twice a day for four years workmen give the bottles a quarter turn, and at the expiration of that time the sediment in the neck is frozen and removed and the bottle is quickly re-corked to prevent the loss of fizz, and it is then put in the aging cellars to gather bouquet, and mellowness of taste.

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