Vintage Press Photos
one of a kind historic photography
"Home for Girls" 
matted photo: 13 6/8" x 15 6/8"
photo opening size: 6 6/8" x 8 11/16"

April 28, 1940
Denver, Colorado

SHOWING HOW A JOB SHOULD BE DONE, painters of the Denver chapter of Painting and 
Decorating Contractors opened up the city's Annual Clean Up and Paint Up week Saturday 
by giving the Florence Crittenton Home for Girls at 4901 West Colfax Avenue a coat 
of fresh paint in record time. Forty bucket and brush men went to work on the large 
building, shown here, and gave the entire exterioe a new coat in about four and 
a half hours -some kind of record they say. The annual week for everybody to "spruce up" 
house and yard is being supported by the Denver junior chamber of commerce. 


*All matted photographs come standard in acid free white archival mat board with black core with 3-4" borders and open cut mat on back to display historical documentation. Custom mat board available at additional cost.

**All framed photographs come with standard matting, conservation glass, open cut mat on back 
displaying historical documentation, and black Larson Juhl wood frame.