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"Pregnant Tiniest Woman" 
photo size: 6 1/4" x 10"

February 22, 1951
Associated Press Wirephoto

"Tiniest Woman" Mrs. Alva Evans of Bowling Green, Mo., and her husband look over a pamphlet published to educate "new" parents. The 31-year-old woman once appeared with a circus as "Lady La Vaonda, the smallest woman in the world." Her husband, 59, is about 4 feet in height. Mrs. Evans,about 24 inches tall, is expecting a child.

"Tiny LaVonda" was born LaVonda Stapp on January 3, 1920. She suffered from a hereditary bone disorder and could not stand, only able to be measured when sitting down. She married Alva Evans, a dwarf circus clown 30 years her senior, in 1945. Becoming pregnant 5 years later, she gave birth via c-section as she was deemed too small and fragile to have a natural birth. Her baby boy, Francis Ronald, was born a month premature and only weighed 4 pounds. Although doctor declared her baby "perfectly normal" he died two days later of respiratory insufficiency, his lungs too immature to sustain him.

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