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"Prisoner Mosquito Testing" 
photo size: 6 1/2" x 8 1/2"

May 23, 1934
Parchman, Tenn
Parchman Prison

Convict Confesses Murder of U.S. naval officer. Leo Hudgins, who was one of ten Mississippi convicts to undergo mosquito bites in tests to determine whether the insects carried disease, has told authorities at Marietta, Okla., that he hit Lieut. Comm. S.J. Trowbridge over the head with a hammer after Trowbridge had picked up Hudgins, who was hitch-hiking across Kansas. This picture of Hudgins was made when he was undergoing the mosquito test.

Nurse & Convict
Sleeping Sickness Laboratory in Prison
Leo Hudgins, one of the ten convicts in the state penitentiary here being bitten by a mosquito that had previously bitten monkeys supposed to be infected with sleeping sickness, in the experiment being conducted to determine if the insect pest is a carrier of the disease. The nurse, Miss Helen Dwyer of Memphis is one of the special nurses working on the tests. The mosquito, placed in a tube bites thru the mesh at the ends. 

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