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"Riding the Rods" 
Matted size: 13 1/4" x 15"
Opening for photo size: 6 1/2" x 8"

May 9, 1946

The Nation's Hobos are set to make 1946 a banner year. It's Spring, the war's over and many who were in the army feel they have a lot of roving to catch up with. "They want to travel without discipline now," says Otis O. Rodgers, of the Hobo News staff. The railroads a re prepared for an increase in the number of trespassers, in which they include hoboes, tramps, hitch-hickers and other free riders. Here is the way a hobo "rides the rods" in making his way around the country by train.

Featured with Arlene Wolf's New York AP newsfeatures story on hoboes.

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