Vintage Press Photos
one of a kind historic photography
"Wax Casting II" 
photo size: 7 1/8" x 9"

February 5, 1938
Detroit, Mich.
In the factory owned by J.H. Belcher in Detroit are ll kinds of was models ranging from beautiful ladies to grace the windows of stores and smart shops to heads and models for wax museum shows as well as horrible reproductions of pathological problems. To make these models almost lifelike it is necessary that Mr. Belcher and his staff have a knowledge of art, color, pathology, anatomy and even hairdressing and manicuring. Mr. Belcher is here applying plaster to a model's face, a first step in getting a cast from which a wax head will be made. First of all the face is buttered, wax laid over the eyes, and air vents provided. The plaster is then applied and left to dry.

 $90 un-matted - $140 matted* - $325 framed** 

*All matted photographs come standard in acid free white archival mat board with black core with 3-4" borders and open cut mat on back to display historical documentation. Custom mat board available at additional cost.

**All framed photographs come with standard matting, conservation glass, open cut mat on back 
displaying historical documentation, and black Larson Juhl wood frame.