Vintage Press Photos
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"All They Are Waiting For Is For American To Go Wet" 
photo size: 7" x 9"

All they are waiting for is for American to go wet.
November 23, 1932
London, England- Now that Franklin D. Roosevelt is soon to take office at the head of a party that has pledged itself to repeal of the eighteenth amendment, English whiskey distilleries are working at full blast preparing for the great demand that is expected to come from America. America may be able to produce beer at short notice, but the whiskey, for the time being, will have to be imported due to the time needed for the aging of the American product. These photos were made in the famous Whiskey Distillery Bond in London where they have 40,000 cases of whiskey (12 quarts to a case) ready for immediate distribution, and where they bottle over two thousand bottles of the liquor daily. 
An excise officer casks to ascertain their contents. These casks contain between 50 and 60 gallons of the proof liquor. Each cask is tested by excise before blending.

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